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Therapy Dog

Meet Freddie – Our school therapy dog.

Please click on the following link to see what Freddie gets up to during a day at St Hugh’s school

Freddie is a pet therapy dog who lives with Mrs Cowley (sensory lead at school) and her family. He is a 1 year old pet cockapoo who has a hypoallergenic coat, which means he does not shed! He absolutely loves attention from everyone and especially young people. Freddie is a fully qualified ‘Pets As Therapy dog’ who helps young people to understand animal care and will also support students with their sensory regulation.

Freddie works with students (with parent/carers consent) who have suffered bereavement or who need a calm place to discuss their worries. Freddie spends most of his day visiting students in their classroom or in our sensory summer house where he works 1:1 with students. Students have the opportunity to work with Freddie under Miss Robinson’s supervision. A designated staff member will always be with Freddie while he is working with the students. At no point will any student be left unsupervised. A thorough risk assessment has been carried out before Freddie begins his duties.

What Freddie has been up to this term

These last few weeks the students have played hide and seek, hidden treats, taught him tricks, read stories, told him their worries, talked about feelings and built friendships, just to name a few.
One of our students was desperate for a job to help out so he is now responsible for thinking of activities and ensuring Freddie has all his home comforts in the room.

Changes to Ofsted Parent View

Since September 2019, the questions asked in the Ofsted Parent View survey were updated to link more closely to Ofsted’s new education inspection framework.

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