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At St. Hugh’s, our approach to SEND is underpinned by our school ethos of ‘learning together, learning for life’ places . We believe that diversity enriches our learning community, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. We follow a pupil centred approach, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and support. We recognise that each student is unique, and our dedicated staff work collaboratively along with our parents and carers and other key professionals to ensure that our provision offer caters to the specific needs of every child.

Through this collaborative effort, we foster an environment where every student can develop their full potential, equipping them not only with academic skills and knowledge but also with the life skills that will serve them well beyond their time at St. Hugh’s.  Our commitment to learning together means that we embrace diversity, celebrate individual strengths, and ensure that every child feels valued and empowered on their educational journey at our school.  For further information please contact us / refer to our….policies.

Local Send Offer

Our specialist staff and resources meet the need of pupils with additional needs and receive appropriate support to enable pupils to access the curriculum. Collectively our staff hold a large variety of professional qualifications including: fully qualified teachers, many of whom have advanced specialist qualifications and Master Degrees (e.g. Autism), Regional and Local Makaton Tutor, Team Teach Trainers for positive behaviour support. All of our staff have Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that they meet the needs of all our children and their families.

There is a rolling programme of initial and refresher training, to ensure that we maintain high standards of education and care in all aspects of our specialist services. We do this in partnership with the local health care team and other outside agencies to provide the highest quality education and support, ensuring that all aspects of well-being for children and young people’s lives are met.

Appropriate classroom environments are provided which enable all children to access provision inclusively. A variety of resources are available to support a range of learning styles. Additional support may be provided including; teaching assistants, computer programmes, peer learning, practical aids, specialist resources and teacher support. Specific interventions and additional support, where provided, are regularly reviewed and their impact identified. Where appropriate, access arrangements for tests and exams are made according to the relevant requirements for the exam board concerned. The school has an Equalities Plan which reviews and responds to identified needs of the school community.

We provide;

Specialist qualified staff for students with a range of needs including autism
Picture Exchange Communication Systems Trained staff for communication
Specialist trained staff in Autism specific programmes including TEACCH
MAKATON Signing Regional Tutor for communication
Qualified Team Teach Tutor for positive behaviour support
Qualified Moving and Handling Tutor for physical needs
Medically trained and clinically supervised staff
First Aid and Paediatric First Aid Qualified Staff
Person Centred Planning and collaborative Education Health Care Plan
Parent/Carer Workshops (range of topics including Autism, Behaviour, communication)
Parent/Carer coffee mornings for support and networking
Termly parent events
Leading Parent Partnership Award school
Specialist diets and food requirements
Personalised Learning Programmes
Nursing Team (including qualified paediatric nurses and health care assistants)
Paediatric clinics/appointments
Dietician clinics/appointments
Orthotic and Wheelchair services
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Sensory Integration Programmes
Hearing Impairment screening and clinic
Visual Impairment screening and clinic
Electronic doors and access to promote independence
Hydrotherapy pool
Sensory Multi-Media Studio
Play areas equipped with all-weather musical instruments and play equipment
Sensory integration resources
Sensory garden
Hygiene suite and adapted bathrooms and changing facilities
Hoisting and ceiling tracking
Social, Emotional and Behaviour Interventions
Specific Trauma Informed Care Trained Staff