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Parents & Carers

At St Hugh’s, we believe that working in partnership with our parents is the most powerful process in ensuring our parents feel valued and respected, they get to know more about their children’s experiences outside their home and can then use this information to support their learning and development more effectively.

Children can often see learning as more enjoyable when their home life is reflected in the setting, this may lead to them feeling more secure and consequently benefitting more from the educational opportunities given to them.

A few examples of how we support effective parental engagement are that we offer daily communication via parent App, telephone support as required, parent’s evenings throughout the academic year and family support through the Early Help arena. We also hold informal coffee afternoons covering a range of topics and workshops.

Within our local area we have several support services all available to parents/carers. We can offer support or advice if anyone would like to access any of these.

Early Help Assessment
At St Hugh’s, we can offer Early Help at the earliest point to help us decide what type of support is needed, if any to help. Our informal assessment builds on your families strengths. We can then ensure that everyone involved with your child work with you and your family. The Early Help may identify additional areas of support required – we can then help signpost the correct services to help with this together. Please contact school for more information.
Carer’s Support Service

[email protected]

Telephone: 01652 650585 or contact school

This is a service that support carers and their families to reduce the impact of caring on their wellbeing. They work hard to make a positive difference to people lives. Below are some of the services they offer:

  • Carer peer/support
  • Emotional and practical support
  • Training i.e. first aid/computers
  • Hospital support
  • Digital support
  • Health and wellbeing activities
Troubled Family Initiative

This is a service that offers a multi-agency approach to help families most in need to help tackle/support the following

  • Worklessness and financial exclusion
  • Truancy and poor school attendance
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Domestic abuse
  • Mental and physical health issues
  • Please contact school for more information.
Short Breaks

[email protected]

Telephone: 01724 407988 or contact school

Short Breaks is a countywide service for families living in Lincolnshire who have a child with a disability between 0-18 years. These sessions/activities aim to benefit children and young people with disabilities, complex health needs and or sensory impairments and their families. Children and young people are offered enjoyable experiences away from their primary carers to enhance their personal and social development, whilst parents and families are provided with a valuable break form their caring responsibilities.

Complex Behaviour Team
[email protected]

Telephone: 01724 296679 or contact school

The complex behaviour team provide advice and support for parents and carers of a child who has a learning disability and or autism who shows challenging behaviour at home. They support parents/carers to understand their child’s behaviour. They do this by helping them to find new ways to manage behaviours and exploring why these behaviours might be happening.


[email protected]

Telephone: 01724 296679 or contact school

ASET aim to provide support so young children and young people with social communication and interaction challenges and those on the autistic spectrum can:

  • Have equal access to every part of education
  • Achieve their full potential in school and the wider world
  • Avoid being disadvantaged in society by their individual perspectives and experiences of the world
  • Benefit from schools and settings that understand the impact of social communication and interaction challenges and autism on children and young people and help them to learn in the best way for them
Children’s Centres
Our children’s centres provide a range of services/activities and support for families with children of all ages. Their aim is to improve outcomes for children and their families. They offer lots of services that are mostly free of charge.
PIP Forum

Telephone: 07510211696 or contact school

The PIP forum is an independent group of volunteer parents or carers of children who have disabilities and or special education needs. Their aim is to support parents and carers and their children by giving them an opportunity to share ideas and try to make life a little less complicated. They can offer a friendly face and a listening ear.