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School Policies & Plans

This page contains a list of a selection of the key policies of St Hugh's School. Copies of each policy can be accessed via the links below or are available on request from the School Office.

Please click on the underlined titles to read the policies listed below.

St Hugh's School Key Policies & Plans

Accessibility Plan (updated Autumn 2020)
Adverse Weather
Anti-Bullying (updated Summer 2020)
Anti-Bullying - parent friendly version (updated Spring 2021)
Assessment Principles
Attendance (updated Spring 2021)
Attendance - parent friendly version (updated Spring 2021)
Behaviour Principles (updated Autumn 2020)
Behaviour (updated Autumn 2020)
Behaviour: Coronavirus (updated Autumn 2020)
Behaviour, Discipline & Exclusions 
Behaviour - parent friendly version (updated Spring 2021)
Best Value Statement 2020-21 (updated Summer 2020)
Break Time and Lunch Time
Career Break Scheme
Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance (CEIAG) (2020)
Character Education (published Autumn 2020)
Charging and Remissions (updated Autumn 2020)
Child Protection - parent friendly version (updated Spring 2021)
Children in Care
Collective Worship (updated Autumn 2020)
Complaints Policy (updated Autumn 2018)
Complaints Procedure (updated Summer 2020)
COVID-19 Complaints Procedure: Guidance for Schools (GOV.UK)
COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy (March 2020)
Confidentiality (updated Autumn 2018)
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Critical Incident/Emergency Action Plan
Curriculum (updated Spring 2021)
Data Protection Policy (updated Autumn 2019)
Dignity at Work
Educational Visits (North Lincolnshire Council)
E-Learning During School Closure (updated Autumn 2020)
Equality & Diversity Policy and Action Plan (updated Autumn 2020)
E-Safety Student User Agreement (Summer 2020)
E-Safety Parent Guidance Pack (Summer 2020)
Examinations (2020-21)
Examinations - Access Arrangements (2020-21)
Examinations - Archiving (2020-21)
Examinations - Bomb Scares
Examinations - BTEC Registration and Certification
Examinations - Complaints and Appeals Procedure (2020-21)
Examinations - Contingency (2020-21)
Examinations - Data Protection (2020-21)
Examinations - Disability
Examinations - Emergency Evacuation (2020-21)
Examinations - Equalities (2020-21)
Examinations - Procedures
Examinations - Exam Room Checklist
Examinations - Exam Room Incident Log
Examinations - Fire Evacuation Procedures
Examinations - GCSE Controlled Assessment
Examinations - GDPR
Examinations - Internal Appeals Procedure
Examinations - Lockdown
Examinations - Non-Examination Assessment
Examinations - Special Consideration
Examinations - Word Processor
Feeding (updated Autumn 2020)
First Aid (updated Spring 2021)
Flexible Working
Governors' Code of Practice
Head Lice
Health and Safety (updated Spring 2021)
Holidays in Term Time
Home-School Partnership Agreement
Home Study (updated Summer 2020)
Home Study - parent friendly version (updated Spring 2021)
Information Governance (updated Autumn 2020)
Internet Acceptable User (Staff) Policy (updated Spring 2021)
Internet Acceptable User (Student) Agreement (Spring 2021)
Keeping Children Safe in Education: Statutory Guidance (Sept 2021)
Local Offer
Mathematics: Mental Calculation 
Mathematics: National Curriculum Coverage
Medicine in School (updated Spring 2021)
Online Safety (updated Spring 2021)
Online Safety: Device Agreement and Student Use Agreement
Parent Partnership (updated Autumn 2020)
Post 16 Long Term Plan
Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers (updated Autumn 2020)
Privacy Notice: how we use pupil data (school)
Privacy Notice: how we use school workforce data 
Privacy Notice: how we use your information (LA)
Provider Access (updated Autumn 2020)
Pupil Premium Spend 2015-16 with Review
Pupil Premium Spend 2016-17 with Review
Pupil Premium Spend 2017-18 (Strategy)
Pupil Premium Spend 2018-19 Review and 2019-20 Strategy 
Relationships and Sex Education (updated Autumn 2020)
Providing Remote Education: Information for Parents (Spring 2021)
Remote Access (updated Spring 2021)
Remote Learning (updated Spring 2021)
Safeguarding & Facebook
Safeguarding Overview
Safeguarding (parent friendly version)
Safeguarding (whistleblowing)
Safeguarding and Child Protection (updated Autumn 2020)
Secondary School Admission for Children with SSEN or EHC Statements
SEND Annual Report (updated Autumn 2019)
Sex and Relationships Education
Social Media
Special Educational Needs (updated Autumn 2018)
Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Local Offer
Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Annual Information
Spirtual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (updated 2020)
Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions
Transition (updated Spring 2021)
Transition information (parent and child-friendly version)
Travel Plan
Waste Management 
Vision and Mission Statement (reviewed Spring 2021)
Vision & Mission Compass Image (reviewed Spring 2021)
Page updated: 1st September 2021