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Parent & Carer Feedback

Give your Parent View of the school to Ofsted and read the latest feedback from parents to the headteacher below.

Parent & Carer Feedback

I would be delighted, if you are a parent, if you would complete the Parent View of this school by clicking on the image below, which will take you directly to the Parent View page on the Ofsted website. 

Feedback from Parents & Carers - Summer Term 2016

The Headteacher's survey of the views of parents and carers, conducted at the end of the Summer Term 2016, included the following comments:

What I like most about the school

  • The progress my child is making with the staff support.
  • Honest staff and very supporting - you do a fab job.
  • Credit to all staff, you make these children very happy and successful in the schooling - amazing.
  • Friendly and helpful. Lots of support.
  • Excellent teaching staff and excellent resources.
  • A school that makes my child feel safe
  • The friendly atmosphere.
  • The teachers go out of their way to do the best for my child.
  • (The school) treats students as individuals.
  • Empathy and care for my child, attention to detail. Support (for) not only the child but the parent too.
  • Provides a solid building block for transition to Post 16.
  • Learning is taught in a fun way which is appropriate.
  • They are helpful, bright and happy
  • Friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • Person-centred; positive, caring, enthusiastic staff
  • How they all help my child.

General comments about the school

  • The home-school communication is excellent.
  • My child's progress has been outstanding since attending St Hugh's. Family and friends have even commented on this.
  • My child has flourished since being part of St Hugh's and they feel safe at school.
  • Thank you for your continued support for my child and for parents.
  • Fantastic school - all staff are amazing. (They) listen and understand not only the parents but the child too.
  • All students are happy and well behaved when in school.
  • My child is treated as an individual they are given praise and encouragement.

12 July 2016