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Messages from the School Office

School will re-open on Monday 5 March (TODAY)

The school was closed from Wednesday 28 February to Friday 2 March 2018 due to severe weather, poor road and parking conditions. Notices were posted on local media including LINCS FM.

The car park has now been cleared and weather conditions are have improved. Therefore, the school will re-open as usual for staff and students on Monday 5 March (TODAY).

Post 16 Education at Ashby and Broughton

From September 2017, Post 16 Education will be provided in groups at Ashby and Broughton as well as at St Hugh's.

Please contact school reception on 01724 842960 to leave a message or contact the group. Otherwise, please telephone:

  • Ashby: 07398 159649
  • Broughton: 07398 542101


Page Updated: 28 February 2018