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Information & Permissions 

This page contains a record of information and permission forms sent to parents and carers for completion during the school year.

Information & permisssion forms sent to parents and carers are listed in date order. Please click on the title of the form which you wish to read or download.

Information & Permission Forms

Date Posted Title or Description of Form
September 2016 Data Protection
May 2016 SHIP - Mainstream - to be returned to school
May 2016 SHIP - Mainstream - parent/carer information
May 2016 SHIP - PMLD/ASD - to be returned to school
May 2016 SHIP - PMLD/ASD - parent/carer information
October 2015 Educational Visits - Parental Consent
September 2015 Emergency Contact Form
September 2015 Additional Information Request 
September 2015 Complex Needs Additional Information
September 2015 School Uniform Order
September 2015 Parental Consent for School Trips
September 2015 Photograph Permission
September 2015 Student Resume
September 2015 Swimming Consent
September 2015 Trampoline Consent
September 2015 Events Information