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ICT Mark

This page provides information about the ICT Mark award.

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Date: February 2017

Local school gains prestigious ICT Mark Award

Students at St Hugh’s School in Scunthorpe are at the forefront of using technology to enhance their work, and that’s official!

Following an extensive external assessment, St Hugh’s School has been awarded the prestigious ICT Mark. 

The award recognises the school’s success in developing the strategic use of technology in both administration and across the curriculum. Parents will have proof that their children are attending a school at the forefront of modern technology.

Head teacher, Tracy Millard, commented: “On behalf of St Hugh’s School, I am delighted to be awarded the ICT Mark. It recognises our positive approach to the use of technology and the benefits it is bringing to our children. We believe that technology can be used in every aspect of learning and that it is essential our children are equipped for the modern world.

We are very proud to include the mark on our website and our mailings and this has been noted on a number of occasions, which has further raised the profile of the use of technology at St Hugh’s School.  Our 2013 OFSTED report positively acknowledged that we had received the ICT Mark in the description of the school”  

The lead member of staff, Stuart Patterson (ICT Subject Leader), involved in ensuring the school was ready for ICT Mark assessment, commented:

“I am really pleased that the presentation of this award shows recognition of the excellent work that is taking place at St Hugh’s School.  Applying for the award really brought into focus the ICT work that we are doing each and every day.  All the children and staff deserve credit for this achievement.”

Mark Chambers, Naace CEO, said "St Hugh’s School thoroughly deserve the accolade of an ICT Mark accreditation. They clearly demonstrate how important it is to take a whole school approach to using technology in schools.  We look forward to working with [Insert name of school] to demonstrate how technology can have a substantial impact on learner outcomes in the future.

For further information please contact: Mr D Jones at St Hugh's.


  • The Self-review Framework is an online tool launched in April 2006 to assist schools in identifying, improving and benchmarking the use of technology in learning, teaching and management of schools.  Schools evaluate their progress against a four-level scale for aspects of development grouped under six major elements, such as Curriculum, Leadership and Management, Professional Development and Learning. In 2011 Naace was requested by the Department for Education to take over the Self-review Framework from Becta and develop a model to ensure its sustainability for the future benefit of schools.
  • The ICT Mark is an integral part of the Self-review Framework.  It is recognition of a school’s achievements in reaching a standard of maturity in their use of technology.  This optional accreditation is evidence that the school has undergone an extensive and thorough review of its use of technology.  Award of the ICT Mark is made when the school has satisfied an Assessor that their plans and provisions have met or exceeded the national standard.
  • Naace is the professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of technology.  Naace created the Naacemark for Schools scheme, which was a predecessor of the ICT Mark.
  • ICT Mark Office, 0115 748 4364,