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This section contains letters and messages sent to parents and carers during the school year. The most recent communications are listed first.

Information for Parents & Carers

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Keep informed and up-to-date in relation to COVID-19 documents and communications:

Update: Wednesday 29 September 2021

COVID-19 Catch Up Premium Strategy (30.4.21)

Self-Testing Instructions (9.3.21)

Government Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme (11.2.21)

Providing Remote Education: Information for Parents (v2: 27.1.21)

Completing and Submitting Work on Purple Mash (1.2.21)

Associated files:

I am writing to confirm the school's position as a result of growing public concern in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The school remains open at this time for all children as well as for members of staff. As the advice changes from the Government this may change and further information will be given.

For anyone looking for information about the symptoms of the virus and how to prevent the spread of the infection please refer to:

All necessary measures are being taken in school to protect learners and staff at this time.  I am requesting that anyone with a temperature or a new persistent cough does not attend school to minimise the risk of infection. If you require further information, please contact the school 01724 842960.

School Office Hours

The school office is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) related documents and links

St Hugh's School COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy (March 2020)

The North Lincolnshire Disability Partnership's Guide to Coronavirus

School Complaints Procedures: Guidance for Schools (updated 9.4.20)

COVID-19 Advice for Parents and Carers: Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Harm (25.6.20) 

The guidance for local-authority-maintained schools  has been updated with information to the best practice guidance about handling complaints during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


Any student who has had an episode of sickness and diarrhoea must stay out of school for a period of at least 48 hours from the day on which the illness ended. Parents / carers have responsibility to keep transport updated.


Where a student is required to take medicine or tablets, school staff will give the medication at the appropriate time following our medicine in schools policy.

Medication Forms

Parents are requested to complete a medication form as soon as possible once it is known that medicine or tablets are required to be administered in school. The form is available on request from the school office.

Data Protection: Privacy Notice

I am writing to confirm the obligations of St Hugh’s School in terms of sharing key information within the context of the Data Protection Act, which we are required to do every academic year.

The school holds information on students in order to support their teaching and learning, to monitor and report on progress, to provide appropriate pastoral care and to assess how well the school as a whole is doing. From time to time schools are required to pass on some of this data to Local Authorities, the Department for Education and to agencies prescribed by law, such as Ofsted.

This information includes contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, special educational needs and any other relevant information.

Data held about students must only be used for specific purposes allowed by law. In addition, the school will on occasion wish to publish photographs celebrating and publicising student success via school publications, the school website and in the local press, unless otherwise advised by parents/carers.

A paper copy of the current Privacy Notices, which explain in more detail about the requirements placed upon the school in this regard, is attached and available from the school office on request and electronically from the school’s website.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Guidelines

I wish to remind you of the school’s position with regard to any Child Protection issues that may arise which cause concern for the welfare of the children involved.

Remember that we do this, not only because we care about the well-being of each of the children in our school, but also because the Local Education Authority provides clear Guidelines on Child Protection which we must follow.  The Local Education Authority require St Hugh’s to report to Social Services whenever a child is harmed or they have said they have been harmed.

We are not allowed to cross-examine a child or to share our concerns with the parents or carers.  The case is then entirely in the hands of Social Services who will investigate and decide what, if any, further action to take.  This will then be shared with the parent/carer.

We all know that bumps and bruises happen all the time and that there is usually a simple explanation.  That is why it is very important that you keep the school informed of any real concerns or worries at all times.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if we can help in any way.

Operation Compass

Operation Encompass ensures there is a simple phone call or notification, to a trained member of school staff, before a child arrives in school. The call or notification is triggered by police recently attending the child’s home or being involved in a domestic abuse incident, that the child has experienced.

Operation Encompass is a police and education early information sharing partnership enabling schools to offer immediate support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Information is shared by the police with a school's trained Key Adult (DSL) prior to the start of the next school day after officers have attended a domestic abuse incident thus enabling appropriate support to be given, dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child.

Children experiencing domestic abuse are negatively impacted by this exposure; domestic abuse has been identified as an Adverse Childhood Experience and can lead to emotional, physical and psychological harm. Operation Encompass aims to mitigate this harm by enabling immediate support, making a child's day better and giving them a better tomorrow.

Operation Encompass directly connects the police with schools to secure better outcomes for children who are subject or witness to police-attended incidents of domestic abuse. Rapid provision of support within the school environment means children are better safeguarded against the short-, medium- and long-term effects of domestic abuse.

It is our aim to ensure that Operation Encompass is in every Force, in every school, for every child. 

The Operation Encompass website is designed to:

  • Provide training for Key Adults and a register of Key Adults.
  • Provide a register of Police Forces taking part in Operation Encompass.
  • Provide resources so that a school can participate successfully in Operation Encompass.
  • Allow schools and police forces to actively share good practice.

Visit the Operation Compass website.

Page updated: 29 September 2021