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By law the secondary transfer process is different for children with Statement of Special Educational Need (SSEN) or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) whether in a mainstream school or special school.

April to July during Year 5

Year 5 annual review takes place where parents/carers can discuss secondary school places and express preference for first and second choice schools.

September to October Year 6

Parents/Carers can visit secondary school open days.

October, during year 6

Parents/Carers confirm first and secondary choice of secondary schools with child’s existing schools. A transfer form must be completed by the parent/carer and submitted to the Local Authority.      

Mid October

A panel will consider the request for secondary school by parent/carer

November to February


Parents/carers will be contacted with any changes and it will outline schools to be consulted about a placement for their child.

A formal consultation will be undertaken by us with preferred  schools within the borough, and with other local authorities

February onwards

Response from the consultation will let the parent/carer know their chosen school. Where the school named is not a parent/carers preferred school, a meeting will be arranged to discuss alternative schools.


An amended SSEN/EHCP with a named secondary school place will be sent.

If you are unable to attend a school open day or speak to someone at school about their specialist SEN resource provision, a separate meeting can be arranged with the school. Please contact the headteacher.

Further information is available from North Lincolnshire Council about applying for school places, current year admissions and school transport arrangements

Specialist Support and Schools

Most children with Statement of Special Educational Need or Education, Health care plans can be supported.

However some children identified with particularly complex special education needs and/or disabilities may have their needs met through either specialist support in a mainstream school (resource provision) or attending a special school.

Local SEND Offer

Read the North Lincolnshire Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Local Offer here

Read our SEND Report - Annual Information here

Help with Transition and SEN Information

The North Lincolnshire Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service (commonly known as SENDIASS) can be contacted through their website.

This service can support and give advice regarding many educational aspects including admissions and transition. They are also supportive if a parent wishes to challenge a placement decision and proceed to a tribunal.

If a placement decision is made that a parent is unhappy about then the parent/carer has the right of appeal through the appeal process of the Local Authority.

Please contact SENDIASS for further information.

Read the North Lincolnshire Fair Access Protocols (March 2016).


Page updated: 25 October 2019