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This page contains our latest news story and news story archive.

May 2016

  •  Ironman UK

    Published 29/05/16

    On the 17th July 2016 Ciaran McDonald, a teacher at St Hugh's, will be racing IRONMAN UK.  The event consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and finishes with a 26.2 mile marathon.

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  • Chickens -Update   

    Published 22/05/16

    All of our chickens from Living Eggs have been rehomed.

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  • Clean for the Queen

    Published 14/05/16

    9RH are the winners of our Clean For The Queen Video Challenge.

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  • 7/8DJ - Halley's Comet                                 

    Published 09/05/16

    Objects in the atmosphere

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  • 10CC Work Experience                 

    Published 09/05/16

    Students from 10CC went out for 5 days with local employers to experience what a work place is like.

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  • 7/8DJ                                   

    Published 02/05/16

    7/8 DJ have been looking at the impact that the steel works has in Scunthorpe.

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