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11CC   Geography

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LO:  To create and follow a 2.5 mile map of the local area.

11CC have been exploring the local area using street maps.  We have been using directions and following maps to a given distance.   So far, we have followed a 1 mile map and a 2 mile map.

The challenge for our next lesson is to create a 2.5 mile map.  We worked together using a route planning website to create the 2.5 mile map.  We gave directions in turn to produce this map.

In our next Geography lesson we will walk our route.   Before we leave school to begin our 2.5 mile walk we will estimate how long it will take for us to walk the route and what time we will expect to arrive back in our classroom.   When we follow the map we will give directions using the terms left and right and use road names.   We will also focus on our road safety to keep us safe while outside in the community.

This is the route we created using

11CC can walk 2 miles in 45mins.  How long do you think it will take us to walk 2.5 miles?

Can you plot a 2.5 mile route using