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Key Stage 3 Go Wild!

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Recently Wild Science visited Key Stage 3 to share and show animals that you would ordinarily find in the jungle. Students got the opportunity to touch creatures such as a snake, tarantula, lizard, giant cockroach and giant millipede. They found out from the animal expert where they lived in the wild and what kind of foods the creatures would eat. Fortunately none of the animals are known for eating young people so all students were accounted for at the end of the day.

Common misconceptions and fears, like snakes are slimy and that tarantulas poison all those that touch them, were addressed through the experience of the day. One young person even suggested that they would be asking for a snake at Christmas!

As to any phobias, it was the staff that chewed their finger nails and hid behind their hands. The students, in typical St Hugh’s fashion, stood up to the challenge of the new experiences and showed what resilient young people they are by embracing the events of the day.