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CSI Workshop

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On Thursday, Year 9 spent the day solving crime! Our Science topic this term is all about looking at evidence and making conclusions so this was just perfect.


During the morning, students took their own fingerprints and handprints using magnetic powder. They looked carefully at their fingerprints to decide what patterns they could see. Everyone’s fingerprints are unique – even identical twins! We all got a keyring with our fingerprint to take home.

Students then looked at their own hairs and fibres from their clothes using the tiniest microscopes ever invented. They learned that Forensic Scientists can tell a lot from hair samples, including age, gender and how long you’ve been dyeing it! Animal hairs are different to human hairs too, so you know whether your suspect has been in contact with dogs or horses for example. This was useful information for the crime solving part of the day.

Footprints can give the police an idea of who has been at the crime scene too. Students took their own footprints and were amazed at how detailed the prints were.

In the afternoon, students wore white suits, face-masks, gloves and overshoes so they didn’t contaminate the crime scene. There were lots of clues along with some red herrings and students analysed a lot of different information, recording their findings as they went along. They then made a conclusion about who they thought the criminal was and most of the teams got it right! Well done to all the participants – brilliant behaviour and brilliant science!