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Cosmic Classroom

“Batting the bubble was awesome” Ben 9DM

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On Tuesday we joined other schools across the country in a live link to the World Museum in Liverpool with British Astronaut Tim Peake who is on the International Space Station.

 Tim held a science lesson in space for thousands of schoolchildren, spinning head over heels and playing ping-pong. He used a fizzy vitamin tablet to demonstrate the effects of zero gravity. We watched as Tim let go of his microphone before spinning it around and catching it.

Here is what some of our young people said was their favourite part:

“Telling us that his favourite button is the one that opens the door to outer space” Emily 11LF

“Spinning around and touching his toes” Ben KS5

“It was exciting” Chantelle KS5

“It was so good I watched it again on YouTube when I got home” Steven 10SF

“I liked it when he played ping-pong with water balls” Paisley 11SP

“I liked it when he was spinning round and round” Brandon 11SP

“He got all the kids involved” James 10SF

“He made the microphone spin” Adam 7/8MK

“I liked it because it was live” Liam 10SF