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9CP - The Victorians

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9CP’s humanities lessons  have focused on the Victorians – here we have been learning about Queen Victoria; what life was like for children in Victorian times; Victorian schools and also some of the inventions of Victorian times.  Life was certainly hard for children in Victorian times – we discovered that many had to do dangerous jobs often working long hours in factories and mines, sweeping chimneys or labouring on farms.  We found out that chimney sweeps that worked too slowly would have fires lit beneath them to make them work faster!  School was also very different as well and there were severe punishments like the cane and the dunce hat for children who got into trouble.  We all agreed that we would rather be at St. Hugh’s school than a school in Victorian times!  More recently, we have discovered some of the amazing inventions that were first made by Victorians such as the first flushing toilet by Thomas Crapper and the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell.  We have also conducted some research into the life and inventions of Isambard Brunel and how he organised a tug of war between a ship with a propeller and a ship with a paddle wheel to prove that propellers make ships move faster through the water. 

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