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Autumn Term


This term, as part of our ‘Little People Big Dreams’ theme we have enjoyed exploring different people from Queen Elizabeth to Amelia Earhart.  We were learning about the Queen’s reign when we learnt of her passing. We created a huge fact file containing lots of interesting facts and photographs of our late Queen. We also created our own letters to the new King and we hope that we will receive a reply.

As for Amelia Earhart, we discovered that she was the first lady to fly the Atlantic which inspired us to think about our own dreams, from cooking for others, to having a job and driving a car. As Amelia once said: “You can do anything you decide to do.”

We have continued exploring David Attenborough and made our own creatures with Mr Frow and then created fact files and our own documentary on them which we hope to share on the website in due course. Who knows, we may feature on Planet Earth!


This term, as part of our ‘Little People Big Dreams’ unit of work, students in 3/4BC have created their own talking photo albums all about the objects, foods and activities they enjoy. Working together as a team, we have also created our ‘umbrella of dreams’ and decorated egg head super heroes! The students have engaged with objects from our Ayrton Senna story and made their own racing cars for our display.

We have also had an amazing visit from the Timberdash theatre group who provided a fabulous multi-sensory workshop full of fun and music! Our students thoroughly engaged in dancing and exploring a variety of instruments.

As part of our life skills this term, the students have helped to pack shopping away, make simple snacks and keep the classroom tidy. It has been a busy, action packed half term with the students accessing all of our fantastic sensory areas around school each day!



This term, we have started to learn all about Marie Curie. The students in 3AS have enjoyed listening to the story and learning that she created a chemical substance called radium. We have looked at pictures of x-rays that radium is used in and we used this as a guide to create our own x-rays. The students in 3AS enjoyed making skeletons and were super proud of how they turned out.



4SS have been learning about animal care as part of our weekly visit to H & H Equestrian in Winterton. We have visited the horse stables and learnt about the food that horses eat. We have met many different horses over the weeks and have participated in activities including how to lead a horse and walk it safely in the yard.

We have also learnt how to guide a horse through cones in the arena and we are really enjoying the time we spend at H & H equestrian as part of our ASDAN award in animal care.



We have had a busy start to the new term in 7AM. At first, some of us were a little worried moving to a new school, but now we all come in with smiling faces every morning. It’s a pleasure to see!

We have been working hard in all our new subjects and have made some great displays. In English, we looked at Shakespeare’s Macbeth and became detectives investigating King Duncan’s death. In PE, we have been taking part in team games and dances. We made our own version of Thriller.

At the moment we are trying hard at working together and being part of a team. We have joined in some great activities such as making PowerPoint slides about all about me, which we presented to our friends.

Just before half term, every team took part in a pumpkin competition. We decided to make a mobile, creating paper pumpkins on which we had written autumn words. There were some amazing entries and we were astonished and proud when we found out we won!

We can’t wait to see what the next half term holds!



Spooky Season

7MF have been focusing on the topic of ‘Spooks’ in English. We have enjoyed making our own spells and came up with some great descriptive adjectives to use with our ghoulish ingredients that included slimy, wiggly worms and gooey, sticky frogs eggs. We had lots of fun acting out the play of Macbeth. Our three witches made up some wonderfully wicked spells in their cauldron and Macbeth went on a killing frenzy! King Duncan gave a great performance and his death was very dramatic!



In geography, we have started learning about different kind of rocks. We have learnt that there are three categories of rocks – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We then chose three different rocks from outside to look at the different properties of them, comparing, drawing and labelling them in our workbooks.



8NT are on a mission to be top ‘Doodlers’ this year. We use Doodle Learning during team time in the morning and also as part of our English and maths lessons. We have been working hard to improve our maths and English skills and have been earning lots of merits. Mr Robinson has even set a reward on Doodle meaning that we can spend our stars on extra merits. We are quite a competitive team and will do the best that we can to be the top Doodlers each week. Can anyone beat 8NT?



The team have had an amazing start to the year. We have welcomed new students to St Hugh’s and integrated different classes from years 7 and 8. What a wonderful combination of incredible students. They are all maturing and becoming independent young adults. Some students have shared what they have enjoyed so far this year:

Emily – I have enjoyed table tennis and made new friends called Jasmine and Simone.

Cameron – I love doing rock climbing. I like my new class and new friends. I like my new teachers and TAs.

Piper – I have enjoyed visiting the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre. I have made new friends called Simone and Jayden.

Ziqian – I have enjoyed maths, rock climbing, DT and science during the autumn term.

Jayden – I like PE and the sports. I like my friends and funny moments with my friends and in lessons.

Warren – I love English lessons and hanging out with my friends Regan and Spencer



In 9CS, students have been learning about Ancient Egypt. They have been looking closely at designs  and the colours of the wall art. Students made papyrus paper. They wrote their own instructions first and then followed them to make the paper. Firstly, they mixed flour and water to make glue, soaked paper strips in the glue then laid them vertically then horizontally on tin foil.  After this, students rolled the paper with a rolling pin to get rid of the excess glue. When the paper has dried, they will draw their own wall art designs.  It was very messy but we had great fun!



Basketball Sessions

This term, 10DMJ have been practising their basketball skills within their PE lessons.

Using a range of structured activities and fun games, they have used their sessions to improve their skills with an emphasis on dribbling, defending and team work.

It has been really pleasing to see the enthusiasm and effort shown by everyone and how their skills have improved over the weeks. 10DMJ’s final session concluded with a fantastic one-on-one basketball competition which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Keep it up 10DMJ.



10SB have been completing work in science towards their John Muir award. They have been learning about animals and their habitats and used this knowledge to create some fantastic model habitats.



This term, the students have been focusing on improving their communication skills when speaking to familiar and unfamiliar people. Much of the work completed has centered around greetings in the morning and saying goodbye at the end of the school day.

This has seen the students reviewing themselves and their peers to ensure they feel more confident and can communicate more effectively. Firstly, the students have used a bank of greetings vocabulary and then used this to communicate. They have also done the same for communication at the end of the day. The improvement has been excellent and the students within 11DJ are beginning to show greater confidence and some students have even included their own vocabulary.

This is something that the students will continue to develop throughout the year and will have a significant impact on their interactions with others when transitioning into their new colleges.



As a team we have set ourselves the challenge of supporting local charities each term. As a group we decided that our first charity was going to be Jerry Greens Dog Rescue.

The team thought about what we should collect and how we could best support them. It was decided that rather than money, we could collect dog food, old blankets and dog toys. The students then set about creating posters to advertise our charity collection and then displayed them around school. We even had a team representative who made an announcement in one of our school online assemblies.

We collected a great deal of donated items such as blankets, dog food, balls, chews, and dog toys. The cupboard in our team base was full to the brim as a result. A massive thank you to all who donated within school and our wider school community. Mr Houghton dropped off the donations over the half term break and the people at Jerry Greens were most grateful.

This term the team have decided to collect items for the charity Blue Door.

Blue Door is a charity to support victims of domestic abuse. Our team will be looking at collecting Christmas gift items to help bring a little happiness to children and adults alike.



KS5CC enjoyed the visit from the TimbaDash theatre group.   They presented a story about a forest that would not grow without a special character, The Green Man, being in the forest.  The Green Man was missing and a big search was on to find him before the forest suffered.

To find the Green Man, we went through different areas of the forest and came across many sensory experiences including edible mud, butterflies, mushrooms, mealworms, plants and water.

The team enjoyed the experiences and working with the team on a musical sensory character hunt to save the forest.



3/4/5 RB

3/4/5RB have been working really hard on our new pathway 1 curriculum this term. This curriculum is designed specifically for each individual student to ensure they maintain and develop the skills they need to lead happy and healthy lives. We have been enjoying the ‘Little People Big Dreams’ topic this term. We have explored sensory stories about ourselves, the Queen and David Attenborough. Switch work has encouraged independence and choice making and sensory programmes such as Tac Pac and Sensology have helped us to understand our bodies and communicate our preferences. Physical sessions are really important for us to be able to stretch our limbs, develop muscle tone and strength and change position. We have been all been working really hard on our sitting, standing or walking and have enjoyed the social aspects of sharing these experiences with our peers.




5HA have been very busy this term exploring different types of employment. As part of this accreditation, we have been on a trip around Broughton, exploring retail outlets.  5HA enjoyed having a talk by a member of staff at the Co-operative shop in Broughton and we then enjoyed being waited on by the staff at Nanny Anne’s where the students enjoyed a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks.




This term in our English lessons we are looking at the topic of ‘Crime’. We have explored together what a crime is and the different types of crime. This has all tied in really well with our life skills unit where we have been learning about different jobs and we were able to have a visit from the police who talked to us all about their job.

When we arrived at Broughton shortly after their visit there had been a crime. It was our job to investigate!

We spent the whole day together with the help of KS5HA and both teams carried out a variety of activities in mixed groups, collecting evidence in order to come up with a theory about what happened the night before.

We learned about protective clothing and wore it to collect evidence and photographs at the crime scene. We took fingerprints and lifted them from a mug, we produced a suspect profile using clay, we tested chemicals found at the crime scene and we investigated and compared footprints.

All of the students enjoyed playing detective and at the end of the day we came together to talk about our findings and draw conclusions.

The case is still open (although we do have a suspect). Can you help solve the mystery of what happened that night in Broughton?