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Summer Term


In 3AS we have been looking at the topic ‘On The High Street’. We have been learning all about money. We have enjoyed creating our own class shop and counting the correct amount of coins to pay for items. As part of our learning, we have looked at a ten frame to show the value of coins. We are looking forward to sharing all we have learnt with our families in our family café by creating a menu, a price list and invitations for our families to join us in school.


This term as part of our ‘On the High Street’ unit of work, the students have been weighing and measuring ingredients in maths lessons to prepare food for the class café. Students followed visual recipes and used kitchen equipment safely to prepare sausage rolls, cheese straws and flapjack.

School staff, including Mr. Kenyon, were invited to the café where students demonstrated their communication skills as part of their English work: taking orders and serving customers drinks and snacks. Students also handled money which supported the work that we have been doing in maths, focusing on coin recognition, alongside our visit to shops in the local community.

4SS worked brilliantly as a team to serve their customers and everyone enjoyed the café event.


3SA have been busy exploring our local high street and community as part of our unit ‘On The High Street’. We have been disappointed to see littering on our way to the high street so have tried to look after our community by doing a spot of litter picking. We have worked hard on road safety, getting us safely to the high street using signs and crossings. Great work team!

Once at the high street, we explored what buildings and shops are there. We loved shopping after creating our own shopping lists. We enjoyed the opticians and heard a little about what they do there, trying on some glasses in the process!

The market was full of delicious smells and tastes from the bakery and the fruit and veg stall! Overall, I think the favourite was Sarah’s Café, where we looked at the menu, ordered snacks and paid for our orders. We really enjoyed the cakes and bacon butties! In the words of one of our students: “Cup of tea?”

To continue with our ‘On the High Street’ unit,  students will be using a range of appliances in our team café to share and experience our own 3SA café for parents and friends later this term.


3/4BC have had lots of opportunities to keep fit during the summer term; from rebound trampoline sessions, weekly visits to Central Park, sports sessions at The Pods, as well as walking Freddie the school therapy dog…who we have also enjoyed looking after in our team!

As part of our ‘On the High Street’ unit of work the students have been using a range of appliances in our team café to make healthy snacks for peers in other teams around school. 

This term, we also celebrated the Hindu festival of Holi and used a variety of mark making tools to create our team Holi poster. In other celebrations, the students created a splendid gown to celebrate King Charles III Coronation. It’s been a busy, fun-filled summer term so far!


7AM have been working hard this term. They have been learning about Michael Rosen, the poet and story writer and have really enjoyed watching videos about his books – they created a lot of laughter, which was lovely to see. 7AM have been learning about forces in science and they have spent some time, both in the science room and outside, learning about forces in everyday life, in the lovely sunshine.



For our author study in English, we have been looking at the work of Roald Dahl. One of our favourite books has been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The students have worked in small groups to plan their own chocolate creation. They used great team work to decide on what ingredients to use, how to make it, how it should look and what to call their chocolate creation. They then wrote instructions for themselves in preparation for our chocolate making adventure. There was great excitement for our next English lesson – we were going to follow our instructions and make our yummy chocolates. Ben said: ‘It’s hard to stir because it’s got smarties and marshmallows in it’. Jacob, Kosie-Leigh and Isla added white chocolate buttons and raisins. Jacob said: ‘I love raisins!’ Blake was able to link our lesson to previous learning that we had done in science. He said: ‘It went from a solid to a liquid to a solid’. Each group worked so well and our school values were shining through. They showed resilience, even when chopping marshmallows proved to be a tricky task! More than anything, everyone was respectful and kind and they worked together, helping each other. Best still, we all had to sample our chocolates at the end!


8EA had a fantastic time at an engineering workshop at a local college. We worked together in groups to create a wind turbine from lots of different materials. We also made rockets which we launched onto the top of the building. It was so exciting! We learnt to do some coding on computers, making a character for a mini-game that one of the students had developed themselves.


On the 19th May, 8NT had the pleasure of attending a workshop at UTC in Scunthorpe. We were made to feel very welcome by all the staff and students and the students took part in various activities to explore different aspects of engineering.

We used computers to create code for our own mazes. Students did very well with this, as they have used similar programs within their computing lessons. Students were asked to use equipment to create a model for a wind turbine and the students from the college judged which ones they felt would be the best turbines for generating wind energy and why. Students also created their own ‘rockets’ using paper and 2p pieces. They finished the morning by firing the rockets outside the school and seeing which ones would make it onto the school roof!

They had a fantastic time and it was a great introduction to different aspects of engineering!


9AH have started to cook within their design and technology lessons. They have been learning to find their way around the kitchen, looking into essential hygiene to keep safe and have been developing their cutting technique using the bridge. So far they have been able to make soup, stir fry and spaghetti bolognese. They will continue to make other cuisines over the remaining term. Well done 9AH, those dishes looked really tasty!


9KH have been learning about World War Two in knowledge and understanding of our world and English lessons.

Students found out about the reasons that the war started and placed key events of WW2 on a timeline. Students have investigated how Britain responded to WW2 including exploring the life of evacuee children and the different roles of women. We looked at Queen Elizabeth II and learned that she worked in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, repairing vehicles before she became Queen.

In English, 9KH have written about different types of shelters and explored the emotions people would have felt during WW2, developing their writing by using ‘because’ to give a reason why. More recently, students have written their own verse for the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.


10DMJ had a Q&A session with Harriet from Orsted. They learnt about how wind turbines work and where the Orsted turbines are situated off the East coast. Harriet explained a lot of different careers that are available at Orsted and gave the team information about what to expect from an apprenticeship. All pupils listened really well and were able to ask some excellent questions about the career opportunities you could expect from a large company such as Orsted.


As part of this term’s unit in creative arts, 10SB have enjoyed learning how to use characterisation skills such as body language, voice and facial expression to portray different characters. They have had fun learning how to speak using different accents and have taken part in role play to explore cultural shock and stereotypes. They are able to use props when in role and have built their confidence and communication skills through different drama activities.


This term the students have been writing stories in English. The students have created their own stories and have used speech marks and creative writing to make them engaging. Below is an example of RJ’s story of Captain Peskybeard in Blackpool.


What a journey our team have travelled on during their time here at St Hugh’s! It does not seem that long ago since they arrived, but the changes for all of them have been massive and a pleasure to witness and be a part of. From developing their skills and knowledge in lessons, to developing further skills to help prepare them for the next stage of their journeys. All of them have made such an impression here St Hugh’s and their legacies will be long lasting. It has been fantastic to see how they have all grown up and become fantastic young adults. I am really excited for all of them and the next steps on their journey.


As part of the school celebrations of the King’s Coronation, KS5CC made their own outfits.  We used a sensory approach to this topic and decided on materials and colours to use with support from staff.   Students showed preferences by looking, reaching out and holding tightly items to use.  Students supported making the items with hand over hand use of painting tools and printing stamps.

Adam was our class king with peers as his servants and supporters.  Adam and Jaik really enjoyed making sensory crowns and gowns.  The team dressed in colours and crowns to reflect regal colours and textures and paraded our inventions as part of a whole school assembly.  The team had a good experience throughout the day with many smiles and interactions with items made.

Students in team wore their crowns to pose for pictures.  Outlines of the pictures were then made to create a set of coronation stamps.   


This term, as part of our On the High Street topic we have been busy exploring our local area including shops, cafes, parks and supermarkets. Students have responded well to the different experiences and fresh air! Parents have supported us by sending in spending money and shopping lists and we have had great fun exploring what is sold in the different shops. To support with our first sensory story ‘On the High Street’, we visited the florist to buy a yellow rose and we bought eggs from the supermarket for our second sensory story ‘Don’t Say Egg!’. Students have also been practising their communication skills using communication books, iPad communication aids and objects of reference to choose what they would like to have for a snack. They have also enjoyed communicating with different and unfamiliar people in the community. It has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience for all!


This term KS5MW and KS5HA have been working extremely hard towards their enterprise project. They have planned, prepared and carried out a car wash to raise money for an end of year treat.

Students have enjoyed learning about the different parts of cars and the importance of looking after them properly. They then made posters and some even starred in our own advert in order to drum up support in school. During their English lessons, students interviewed and asked Mr Houghton lots of questions about how to wash a car. They then wrote instructions which they could follow during the event.

On Friday 9th June, students worked together, taking on different roles and were able to wash nine cars over the course of the day and raised £53.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our enterprise projects this year. We have made in excess of £100 in total and we now need to decide what treat we will put out money towards.