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Careers Events and Work Experience

Work experience

Our school moto, Learning together, learning for life, drives us to ensure our students have the best opportunties to support them once they leave school and college. Work experience is a huge part of this and is something that our students work towards and look forward to each year.

Our students would not have these opportunities without the support of local businesses.

This term we would like to thank the following businesses:-

Oasis HUB, Old School Messingham, Holme Hall Golf course, North Lindsey College-Hair and Beauty salon, S&F Equestrian, St Luke’s school, John Leggott college- Art and IT departments, Barnardos, North Lincolnshire Museum, The POD’s, Steel town printers and RH Claydons.

Quotation from one of our Work experience employers

“The students were impeccable and took to everything so well! We were all very impressed by the way they conducted themselves and were not afraid to get stuck in.”

“he was incredibly passionate about his work at the Museum and completed any task given to him with willingness and positivity. He created trails for children, engaged with visitors and undertook some front of house duties. All the staff enjoyed working with him. We hope we have inspired him to continue with his passion for museums!”


STEM week gives students the opportunity to see how the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and maths combine together in the real-world to create exciting job opportunities.

We would like to thank the employers that supported this years STEM event:-

  • Harriet Farmery (Orsted)
  • Darrne Kinberley (Learn by Design)
  • Caroline Lee (Volker Rail)
  • Rob Burgin (Corrboard)
  • Jacqui Elton (STEM Ambassadors UK)
  • Jen Vincent (Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire)


Happy to do other sessions. We have a big presence in Scunthorpe and we are keen to share what we do and the various roles we have in our industry”

We enjoyed sharing a little about what we do. I brought a new apprentice with me (nervous about presenting), but whilst I did most of the talking, I asked him questions when needed and he found it easy to speak to what he knows about”