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Our school vision

Our core values – as a community we are:





Our mission

We aim to be a safe and stimulating school, a place where families will always be welcomed and involved as part of our community. Our student’s experiences will be made to be memorable and will take into account their individual needs, interests and aspirations so that they can be their best selves today, tomorrow and into the future. Staff will encourage and model a positive and aspirational mindset and celebrate those who seek challenge and show resilience as part of their personalised life journey. Students will leave us ready and best prepared as possible for the next stage of their learning for life and will continue to show respect for their wider community.

We work to achieve this by providing:

  • A happy, welcoming and safe environment
  • Engaging indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Active, inspiring and personalised curriculum
  • Full access to the professionals that are required, when they are required
  • Opportunities which are rich and varied
  • Recogniton that each member of our school in an individual
  • High aspirations for all
  • Use of therapeutic support and nurture
  • Partnership working with parents, Governors and the wider community

Curriculum intent:

At St. Hugh’s, our curriculum offer is framed by our overarching ethos  “Learning Together, Learning for Life” and by our school values to be Resilient, Aspirational, Respectful and Kind

Our ethos sets out the intended direction of travel within our curriculum which strives to promote the development of: a curiosity towards and a love for learning; independence; collaborative working and a sense of community for all our students in order to prepare them as best we can for their onward transition into KS5 and adulthood. 

Our school values in turn reflect the means by which we envisage our students will improve their skills and knowledge in these areas by the time they transition from us into their KS5 provision.

In practice, our ambitious curriculum is student-centred, positioning the student’s EHCP at its core.  As such, it has been designed to offer 3 interconnected pathways: pathway 1 (pre-formal); pathway 2 (semi formal); and pathway 3 (formal) so that the personalised needs and journeys of our students can be met and adapted for. 

Our staff are committed to realising the intent of our curriculum offer through:

    • the provision of a nurturing and inclusive environment responsive to the needs of our students
    • offering high quality continuous professional development in line with individual requirements and our identified school development priorities
    • substantive, timely and impactful engagement with all our stakeholders including external professionals and our parents and carers
    • the implementation of a financial model which is both sustainable and aspirational for our students
    • ensuring the oversight of a governing body which is well equipped to hold the school to account and support the school in the development of its strategic vision
    • ongoing monitoring and evaluation of all of the above