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Our school vision

Our core values – as a community we will be:





Our mission

We aim to be a safe and stimulating school, a place where families will always be welcomed and involved as part of our community. Our student’s experiences will be made to be memorable and will take into account their individual needs, interests and aspirations so that they can be their best selves today, tomorrow and into the future. Staff will encourage and model a positive and aspirational mindset and celebrate those who seek challenge and show resilience as part of their personalised life journey. Students will leave us ready and best prepared as possible for the next stage of their learning for life and will continue to show respect for their wider community.

We work to achieve this by providing:

  • A happy, welcoming and safe environment
  • Engaging indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Active, inspiring and personalised curriculum
  • Full access to the professionals that are required, when they are required
  • Opportunities which are rich and varied
  • Recogniton that each member of our school in an individual
  • High aspirations for all
  • Use of therapeutic support and nurture
  • Partnership working with parents, Governors and the wider community

Curriculum intent:

Our curriculum puts the student at the centre of our safe, stimulating and achieving school, where togetherness, respect, honesty and aspiration influences everything we do. Our ambitious curriculum has been designed to offer 3 pathways, preformal, semi formal, and formal so that the personalised needs and journeys of our students can be met and adapted for.

The key principles behind the design of our curriculum are for our children to:

  • be as independent and resilient as possible
  • achieve their EHCP outcomes
  • achieve academically across the relevant pathway; displaying a thirst for learning
  • have their highly personalised needs fully met
  • experience a wide range of rich and varied experiences together
  • be culturally knowledgeable about their world around them
  • grow as individuals
  • have personalised aspirations for the future
  • be well prepared for the challenges of their next stages in life
  • be the best they can be, making a positive contribution to the world around them




Changes to Ofsted Parent View

Since September 2019, the questions asked in the Ofsted Parent View survey were updated to link more closely to Ofsted’s new education inspection framework.

Ofsted Parent View Security
Ofsted Parent View is set up securely. Parents must:

  • register with a password
  • verify their email address
  • accept the terms of use.

The log-on process is simple to use. Please use it responsibly.

For a printable version of the information on this website, please contact our school Admin. Information is provided free of charge to parents and carers. Printable versions of individual documents published on this website are also available on request.